How to Minimise IT Risks Posed By Mobile Devices

It is now common for employees to use their own mobile devices to do company work on the go or within the office premises. This new trend exposes the network of the company to several vulnerabilities, such as the risk of passwords being intercepted. This article discusses some measures that you can take to reduce the risks that your company faces due to the use of those mobile devices.

Restrict the Creation of Hotspots

Some people may wish to create a wireless hotspot so that other individuals can use the hotspot to access the internet. Such a hotspot can create an avenue for unathorised people to access the network of your company through the gateway created. It is therefore advisable to issue instructions barring employees from creating hotspots when their mobile devices are still connected to the company network. For example, they should not use their personal laptops to create a hotspot to use a smartphone.

Only Use Secure Connections

You should also have a rule guiding what kind of connections can be used to link the mobile device to the company's network. The best connection to use is a VPN (virtual private network) or SSL (secure socket layer). Unsecure connections can allow other people to breach the firewall of the company's network.

Vet All Devices

It is helpful to instruct the IT department to vet any mobile device of an employee before it can be allowed to be used on the company network. The IT people will screen out any devices that they deem unsatisfactory in terms of their built-in security mechanisms. Strict penalties should be imposed on anyone found using a device that hasn't been screened and found acceptable.

Implement Device Protection

All mobile devices that have been vetted and allowed to be used on the company network should be protected by strong passwords that restrict who can use that device. The device can be programmed to lock itself automatically in case it remains unused for a predetermined duration, such as 10-minutes. This will prevent the cybersecurity breaches that can occur in case an employee leaves the device unattended accidentally.

Engage an IT support consultant to help you to develop a comprehensive policy governing the use of mobile devices by anyone contracted to work for the company as a permanent or temporary member of staff. That policy will help you to hold your employees accountable in case their mobile device is found to have been used in a way that compromised the security of the company. For more information, contact companies like C Tech Solutions.

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